Turkish Republic Permanent Representation within Organization of Islamic Cooperation was inaugurated on 24 July 2015 in Jeddah and started business in Radison Blu Hotel where its temporary office was located.

Permanent Representative
Ambassador Salih Mutlu Şen submitted the Letter of Credence on 2 Augusut 2015 to OIC Secretary General Iyad Ameen Madani.

Permanent Representation moved to its regular service office which is located in Al Zahra district of Jeddah on 25 December 2015.

Primary mission of our representation is to represent Turkish Republic Government within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, conducting the relationship between Türkiye and The OIC, establishing coordination and cooperation with OIC institutions, participating and contributing to the activities of OIC agencies. The Permanent Representation is responsible for conducting relationship between Türkiye and the OIC within all political, economic, social, cultural, financial, diplomatic and protocol fields.

The definition of the OIC primarily includes OIC Islamic States and Governments Presidents Summit and Foreign Ministers Council which are main OIC institutions. The agencies of OIC are main and sub agencies such as OIC Secretary General in Jeddah, Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission, Islamic Solidarity Fund, İslamic News Agency, Islamic Publishers Association, Islamic Fıqh Academy, related foundations such as Organization of the Islamic Shipowners’ Association, Organization of Islam Capitals and Cities and also expertise agencies such as Islamic Development Bank. Our representation is in relation and coordination with OIC agencies outside of Jeddah and spread to various countries from Morocco to Pakistan including our country.

OIC related topics were being managed by our Embassy in Riyadh and our Consulate General in Jeddah until our Permanent Representation is established. All authority and missions related with the OIC has been transferred to our permanent representation since 24 July 2015. OIC archives of both our Embassy in Riyadh and our Consulate General in Jeddah were taken over.

Our Permanent mission is not a part of the OIC but a diplomatic mission of Türkiye to represent Republic of Türkiye and follow its interests. Our Permanent Representation is managed by Permanent Representative Ambassador.


Mehmet Metin Eker Ambassador